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Monday, January 26, 2015

I want out of here!

If I could choose between being in the mountains, desert, or at a beach right now, I would choose the mountains.  I was just at a beach a few weeks ago when I was in Florida, so I would'nt really care if I was at one right now.  The mountains are really cool, and they look beautiful.  And if you see in some pictures there are lakes and forests located within the mountains and I think it would be really cool to explore those.  I would like to go hunting in the mountains because wherever there is mountains there is always a lot of big game.  The desert isn't really for me because it's boring and not a whole lot of plant life or wildlife.  It's just a big hot sandbox where you get sunburnt and dehydrated really easily.

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Final Exam

The tool that I thouroughly think that I will use the most outside of exploring technology is Google Drive.  The reason I say this is because after this year I am going to college and I currently own a Chromebook with Google Drive on it.  The drive is alot easier and more modern to use than Microsoft Office.  It saves automatically and you don't have to worry about losing any of your information.  You can create documents and share them publicly which would also help me in the college setting.  The tool I see myself least using is blogging.  I honestly don't ever see myself running my own blog as I really don't have time to run a blog.

If I were a Bug What Would I Be

If I were a bug, I would choose to be a yellow jacket wasp.  The main reason I would choose to be one is because everyone is scared of wasps.  And if I were one I would mess with humans all the time and make them scared.  Im sure probably some animals are scared of wasps too because if you mess with them a whole swarm would attack you.  And finally, you always have safety in numbers when you are an animal, and yellow jackets live in huge colonies in massive nests.

Monday, January 5, 2015

What I did on my Time Off.

What I did on my time off is hang out with Julia.  I made her stay up late all the time and it was fun.  Also I went to Florida which was pretty fun. I wish I could have went with my friends but it was still fun!  Not exactly excited to be back in school but I guess its whatever.