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Monday, December 15, 2014

Carolina Panthers Today

Lets talk about the Carolina Panthers today.  Two weeks ago, anybody would have been crazy to talk about the Panthers making the playoffs.  Now, they are in first place in their division!  Crazy talk!  They had what one could call a scare last week when their star and franchise quarterback was involved in a serious car accident.  Luckily he walked away with only 2 back fractures.  Luckily, their backup quarterback Derek Anderson can step in and clutch it up when he has to.  So fingers crossed, they should be able to win their final 2 games and win the division.

Tuesday, December 9, 2014

What Can I do That Others Can't

I guess something I could do well that others can't is throw a curveball.  A curveball is one of the harder pitches to throw in the baseball world and I have become pretty good at throwing it.  A lot of times you will not see many people my age throwing it and it only becomes used a lot when you get to the higher college levels and to the professionals.  I have really two different types of curveballs, one being a high breaking curveball (which really means it starts off high and breaks down towards the bottom of the strike zone), and also one that starts low and just curves inside.  I usually mix it up how I like to throw them, if I throw the high breaker I would throw it on like the first pitch.  I feel it posseses an advantage over the opponent and others because they don't know how to hit it and know how to throw it.

Monday, December 1, 2014

My Four-Day Weekekend

First off, Thanksgiving was pretty fun.  I had to work early in the morning at ye ole' Country Market, where I got paid double and only worked until noon.  I went over to my Grandpa's house after that and had a really good Thanksgiving Dinner.  Later on that evening I went to Walmart to buy a portable bluetooth speaker which was on sale for almost half price, and I bought it out of impulse.  I hung out with my friend Tylor Serin for the rest of the weekend pretty much then ended up working on Sunday morning then fixing my vehicle later on.